About Me

Hi, I’m Christine and I am a(n)…

…Avid Reader

I adore books. It amazes me that so much imagination and hard work can be put into one document that, in turn, fuels so many other people’s imaginations. Books mean so much more to me than any other medium. They are patient. They introduce you to new worlds. They shift paradigms. They shape cultures. They are more than I can describe.

Authors aren’t just writers, they’re creators of life. I want to share my thoughts on these lives with others, which is the foremost reason I created this blog.

…Step Mama

I have an amazing stepson. Most forced relationships are built aound a mutual individual and are a bit rocky to say the least, but this one was amazing from Day 1 (technically Day 2, but I’ll explain that later). He quickly became a large part of my life and the reason behind much of my personal growth. I make a lot of mistakes, as you would expect of an insta-mom, but we have a lot of fun too. I suspect I will be sharing more mistakes than anything else in this area, as they are the most emotional and enjoyable parts of my life.

…Celiac Empathizer

Celiac Disease has gotten a lot of attention recently, but it’s a bit more personal to me. If you’re not aware, Celiac Disease is defined by Google as, “a disease in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten, leading to difficulty in digesting food.” When I first saw my boyfriend, prior to dating, he was maybe 260 pounds. When I saw him a few months later, he was at 130. Months of throwing up and no diagnoses took a serious toll on his body and even today, over four years later, that toll still collects. I don’t do fancy baking, cooking, or recipes, but I have lots of stories about what we have been through and the occasional rave over prepackaged gluten free foods.

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