Good Night 2016, Reading Challenge Wrap Up Post.

I took on a lot of challenges this year. What can I say? I get extremely excited. Overall, I did pretty damn good and met or exceeded my goals for 8 out of 14 challenges. (For those of you who are like me and have an urge to do the math,  this would be an F grade if we were still in school).

Okay, okay.. I admit, that is pretty embarrassing if you count it flat out, but I got close to a lot of my goals and am overall content, with the exception of my Writing Reviews challenge. For whatever reason, I felt so pressured to write reviews that I shut down this year.

alphabet-20162016 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge

Goal: 26 books

Read: 23 books

Verdict: Yikes! I did pretty good, but wasn’t motivated enough to get the Q, V, or Y

Anna A Snook’s Reading Challenge

Goal: 30 books

Read: 33 books

Verdict: Woohoo! There were some of these I did not think I would get to, and I did not push myself as hard as I should have, but I am overall very happy.

Around the Year in 52 Books

30 books

49 books

Woohoo! This was my main goal this year and I rocked it.cdchallengebadge2016-204x300

Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge

Goal:  1 to 10 books

Read: 38

Verdict: Woohoo! I’m not surprised I rocked this and, quite honestly, should have placed a higher goal


Goodreads Reading Challenge

Goal: 100

Read: 125

Verdict: Woohoo!

2015 Goodreads Choice Award (Winners or Nominees)

Goal: 20

Read: 17

Verdict: Not too bad, right? I think my goal for next year with be around 15.


Horror Reading Challenge

Goal: 5 books

Read: 9 books

Verdict: Woohoo. I wanted to read more horror in general, although my focus this year was on zombies, which wasn’t too thrilling for me.

Netgalley & Edelweiss Reading Challenge

nerc2016button1Goal: 25 books

Read: 13 books

Verdict: Yikes! I am very disappointed with this outcome and even more disappointed with the amount I have reviewed.

New To You Reading Challengenew2bto2byou2bfinal2b640

Goal: 16 to 30 books

Read: ?

Verdict: Ehh.. I got tired of relating books with newness. Most of my books are from new to me authors.

New Release Challengenew-release-challenge2016-450x450

Goal: 16 to 30 books

Read: 13 books

Verdict: Ehh… This goes along with the Netgalley & Edeweiss. I had hoped to be more motivated on that front which would have led to success on this challenge.

2015-outdo-yourself-reading-challengeOutdo Yourself Reading Challenge

Goal: 100 books

Read: 125 books

Verdict: Woohoo!

Pick Your pick2byour2bgenre2bfinalGenre Reading Challenge

Goal:  1 to 10 books

Read: 38

Verdict: Ehh.. This was the exact same as the Cloak and Dagger and I really didn’t do anything for me by signing up to the same challenge in different locations.

Popsugar Reading Challenge

Goal: 30 books

Read: 33 books

Verdict: Ehh.. I didn’t really care for this challenge. It didn’t live up to its’ 2015 version for me.

writing-reviews-challenge1Writing Reviews Challenge

Goal: 95% of books

Wrote: Reeeaally far away from that number

Verdict: Yikes! I had a lot of anxiety this year when it came to reviews. I don’t feel like a good reviewer and was terrified to try. I’m going to set a more realistic goal next year and try to remind myself to write even when it feels like I’m not that great at it.

If you’re still reading this, I’m sorry because I HAVE to show my list of 2016 books here. 2016-12-31 17-50-38.png

Thanks for stopping by (even if just skimming, it makes me happy). Hope you had a wonderful 2016 and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings us!


11 thoughts on “Good Night 2016, Reading Challenge Wrap Up Post.

  1. Wow you’ve taken up lots of challenges! That would be too much pressure for me! 🙂 I think you did a great job. I reviewed only 70% of what I read in 2016 so I’m hoping to do better this year.

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  2. Whoa you did so many challenges! That’s amazing! Getting more netgalley books read and reviewed is going to be a goal of mine for this upcoming year — it’s just so hard!! Go you for getting so many books read! 🙂 So happy you also read and loved the Red Rising series btw!!!


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