Walmart Blunder

I am so mad right now. Our present to our son from Santa came in.. with ALL FOUR SIDES stating in big bold letters the item inside of it.

Excuse me for this Walmart, but what is wrong with this picture? I understand not everyone is buying Christmas presents right now, let alone Christmas presents for by their household, but really..? You’re going to plaster the name of a hot ticket kids items on 2/3rds of the box youre shipping to a house in the month of December?

Not cool.

Oh, and, if youre wondering, the answer is yes. Our son is the one who first saw and brought in his own present.



11 thoughts on “Walmart Blunder

  1. The exact same thing happened to me, except the stupid company didn’t even bother to put it in a posting box, they just slapped a postage label on the product and sent it…internationally. So not only did the mini-fleshling pick it up and bring it in, the box was all torn, with bits of the toy sticking out. I empathise with you completely.

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  2. That is terrible. Not cool walmart. Sorry to hear your son’s surprise was ruined. Similar mishaps have happened to me, mostly because I am not good at gift giving. I hope you enjoyed your holiday anyways.

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