Demon World by Angela Yseult


First Published: May 2014
YA, Fantasy
Rating: skull_and_roses_avatar_by_kezzi_rose-d66jflvskull_and_roses_avatar_by_kezzi_rose-d66jflvskull_and_roses_avatar_by_kezzi_rose-d66jflvskull_and_darkskull_and_dark

*Disclaimer: I received this ARC in return for an honest review. A huge thank you to Angela Yseult, City Owl Press, and netgalley for this ARC.*


YA with a twist.


Vincent has always known his fathers’ secret: they are both vampires, escaped from a fighting camp where they were forced to combat the demons that come to Earth from another dimension through a portal.

He’s also known he was special, brought into the world by his mother’s magic at the cost of her life. It gives him the strength, speed and acute senses of vampires without their weaknesses, a combination unheard of.

And he’s known that both facts were to be kept secret at all cost, lest his fathers be sent back to fight an endless battle, or he be studied like a lab rat for the rest of his life.

So, during his junior year in high school, when he receives an anonymous text message that hints someone knows, he’s determined to figure out who it is and how to keep them quiet before his fathers find out and decide they should all run and hide. This task, however, might be easier if his best friend didn’t suddenly show a deep interest in vampires, demons and fighting camps… and if the girl he has a crush on didn’t distract him so much… (From Goodreads)


I adore Angela Yseult’s writing. I would put money down that she could write in my least favorite genre and I would still eat it up. It’s just.. easy. Easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to fall in love with.

Unfortunately, my love for the way the story is presented conflicts with my feelings regarding the story itself. The problem I have is that there isn’t enough action or suspense for the story to feel complete. The majority of the story follows Vincent as we become familiar with his place in the world, with the main conflicts arising from his animosity towards the prison his fathers were kept in and the secret that his girlfriend may or may not be okay with. I don’t want to give away any of the plot or twists, but let’s just say the conflicts that arise are rather swiftly taken care of. We sweat for a little while, but not long enough to cause any true unease. (Okay, okay.. Maybe one part causes uneasiness, but not the major conflict, which is where I’m dissatisfied.)

That said, I enjoyed this story using a YA Contemporary perspective and look forward to reading more from Angela Yseult in the future.


Call me crazy, but I actually enjoyed having a normal life […]




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