Ah, life.

Sorry for leaving wothout much of a trace. We ended up getting rid of our internet, which makes it significantly harder to stay motivated to blog and keep up with all the wondeful things my followers and people I am following are doing.

I hope to get back and running sooner than later, but not sure if that is going to go through..

Before I leave, I just wanted to share that a book I adore was published earlier this month – Killfile by Christopher Farnsworth. This thriller follows John Smith, a private consultant with the ability to read the minds of others, as he goes undercover for his latest job. When his identity is compromised, he goes on the run and has to use his powers in full force to dtay alive. 

This book hooked me from the start and didnt set me back down until it finished. I received a copy from Edelweiss, but my obsession is entirely my own. Check it out on GoodReads!

I hope you are all doing amazing and I cant wait until I can come back (without typing posts on my phone)! (I need to update the meme page, it’ll drive me crazy and ohmygosh, it is already time to sign up for new challenges!!)



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