A Week In Review #8, WWW #4

Connecting A Week in Review with WWW hosted by Taking on a World of Words. I still have internet problems, but am at least able to post this on Wednesday.

WWW tackles 3 questions:

What are you reading?
What have you finished?
What will you read next?


Wax by Gina DamicoWax by Gina Damico takes place in a small company town in Nebraska. I’m sure you guessed, but the company is a candle-making plant, a sort of mecca for candle-loving tourists. I haven’t made it far into this book. I had to stop when it went above and beyond describing how good and happy everyone is there. (Okay, okay.. it was bed time anyways. Shh.) (4%, Received via Edelweiss)

27217739Down for the Count: Dirty Elections and the Rotten History of Democracy by Andrew Gumbel in America is a revamped version of Steal This Vote published in 2009. It’s theme remains centered on our voting systems: how they came to be (so f*cked up), how they have been made worse, how voter rights have been restricted, etc. I am not very savvy when it comes to politics and in the US meaning I don’t expect to know when and where the book’s biases are (although, it is mentioned up front that the author is harder on Republicans). These things interest me, but aren’t often readable. We will see how it goes! (5%, Received via Edelweiss)

234922881Hidden Bodies (You, #2) by Caroline Kepnes is the sequel to You, a fact I didn’t realize until after I had been accepted to read/review it by Netgalley. D’oh! Well, so far, this fact hasn’t mattered. I may have missed some background on why he is a complete psychopath (sociopath?) but it hasn’t taken away from the story. This book is weird to me as your narrator isn’t somebody I would ever want to meet. (39%, Received via Netgalley)

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L JamesFifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James follows a relationship between a college student and a CEO. The CEO is into BDSM and has never had love, the college student is into relationships and has never had sex. College student acts like a teenager (or maybe this is simply the tone of the audiobook narrator), CEO acts like… well, I don’t know. It’s okay so far, but romance books aren’t really my thing and I’m not sure that this was the best book to introduce me to the genre. (I’m reading it for a challenge though, not really an intro.) (48%)

Touch by Claire NorthSouls in Touch by Claire North can transfer from body to body upon skin contact. The host simply looses that time in their life, however long it was. Most souls are hesitant to share this information with their host – you know, else suffer the risk of lynching, exorcisms, and the like… Well, someone has been tracking Kepler for a while, and blames him for quite a bit of damage throughout the years, despite the fact that most of it is wrong. Kepler is determined to figure out what’s really going on, before it’s too late and him and his kind die… (59%)


15839976Red Rising by Pierce Brown, oh my goodness. This was a slow, but addicting book. I didn’t want to read anything else at the same time, which is rare for me. This book made me LOL and I definitely recommend it, although I must warn you that it drags up until ~20% before hooking you.

Ugh. The book I read had a passage from the second book in the series. It kept me interested, but I’m so not happy with the passage as it makes me upset with how things are in it. Dang it. It’s definitely on the TBR for this year though!

What-Is-Next--(PINK)The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I just got off the waiting list for The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins! Woohoo. I could not stand the audiobook (but, to be fair, I did not gave it much of a change) and look forward to seeing what all of the fuss is about.

I can’t wait to see what you all are up to!



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20 thoughts on “A Week In Review #8, WWW #4

  1. I really want to read Red Rising soon! I’m planning on reading it together with the sequel though, so I need to find some time first. I personally wasn’t blown away with The Girl On The Train, but it’s an entertaining enough read if you keep your initial expectations low…

    Happy reading! Here’s my WWW.

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  2. Good luck with 50 Shades, I couldn’t get past Chapter 2. I do want to point out though that the BDSM is badly researched and a lot of people in the BDSM community say that it’s a terrible depiction. Just so you’re aware as you read it. 🙂

    Down For the Count sounds really interesting. I often notice that a hell of a lot of voting Australians don’t even really know how our voting system works. I wonder if there’s a similar book out there for us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh that’s frustrating about the BDSM culture. That was one of the things I was most curious to be introduced to. Thanks for the heads up.
      I’m worried about the biases in down for a count. I would love to read versions from other countries too. Like you say, it’s hard enough to understand your own country let alone someone else’s


  3. I actually thought the audio for The Girl of the Train was very well done, with the 3 different narrators to make it easier to follow the story. I could feel the difference of characters of each of the 3 women through the tone of voice of the 3 narrators as well

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  4. I haven’t read any of your titles except 50SofG, the ultimate media-hype book. I was going to read The Girl on the Train but actually read Girl on a Train by AJ Waines which I enjoyed. Still have the former on my reading list though. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday and Happy Reading!

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    • Oh no! I have mistakenly watched the wrong movie before because they shared the same title, but haven’t yet for a book. Happy you enjoyed it though :). I’m not a fan of 50 Shades so far. We made the mistake today of watching 50 Shades of Black instead of Kung Fu Panda – it was awful… I will give it credit for saying outloud the thoughts I have about the book though. All this long rambling is to say that it amazes me how some books become swept up into popularity and how that people become so divided over it that it actually makes it into a mainscreen parody.. Happy Reading 🙂


  5. I loved the Fifty Shades books, but then again, I’m a sucker for romances. And I am so intrigued by Touch. Sounds very unique. The thing with romances is it can get repetitive and predictable, so a book like Touch sounds like something I’d really enjoy. Thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoy those books!


    • Thanks!! I haven’t done much romances as they aren’t really my thing so I definitely could/should have picked a different book to start, but I am curious about the hype.

      Touch is good, but not great. I love the concept, but the mystery is long, drawn out, and the reader is pretty apathetic towards it.

      Happy Reading 🙂


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