A Week in Review, #3

What I’m reading:

I won this book through goodread’s First Reads program back in April, but haven’t made time for it until now.


I feel awful for admitting it, but this book is rough. There are constant analogies that compare what is happening in the book to events that are supposedly similar in nature. It’s like when you telling a friend about how you met Bigfoot last summer and they decide to one-up you by sharing a story of how they were once bitten by a chupacabra. (Annoying, isn’t it?)

I’m committed to finishing this as it’s my last book for my Popsugar Reading Challenge, but I’m not impressed.

On a side note, when I think “apocalypse”, I think zombies. Not so in this book.

Ahh, Pretty Girls. I have seen this book floating around goodreads and picked it up without reading the plot. 25574782I’m only 13% through the audiobook, but I’m still not sure what it’s about. So far we have talked about two sisters and their lives (through their perspectives), been to a funeral, and have uncovered secrets.

This is biased, but I have a hard time with female readers. I think it’s the higher pitch, but I’m not really sure.

I’m looking forward to learning more (and being introduced to the mystery).

What I finished:

China Lake by Meg Gardiner was a rough read. The book focused too much on the religious fanatics. 105735Background is necessary for the reader to understand the extent of crazy, but I skipped too many pages for the reiteration of background to be reasonable. Beyond that, the main character’s actions were over-the-top and unrealistic.  Running from one place to another, putting herself in dangerous situations, and all around acting out, it’s pretty far-fetched for a freelance legal writer. (Not that I know better.) star_png1597star_png1578star_png1578star_png1578star_png1578

Dear Twilight, I tried to never know you.

It’s amazing how far we go to avoid books for one reason or another.


I’ll admit, I liked this book, despite the many things that frustrated me. It is a light read and just what I needed for this past weekend.

I was bummed out about how submissive the main character is and how controlling Edward is with her. (I would run if a guy demanded me to eat or drink, ever. On the first date? Yeah, forget you.) star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1578star_png1578

Reading Challenges:

I have 1 books left until I complete the 2015 Popsugar Reading Challenge! Woohoo!


One thought on “A Week in Review, #3

  1. I read Twilight several years ago, and it was the series that got me into reading again! I read it before my daughter, as she wanted to read it, and while I’m not sure I’d enjoy it as much now, I was hooked. I’m glad it worked for you – flaws and all.
    And I hope you’ll be able to finish the books you have started before 2016 – even if I think I’d have DNF’ed both the first books you mentioned.


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