Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats by Ann Earle

First published: March 31st, 1995
My Star Rating: star_png1597star_png1597star_png1597star_png1578star_png1578

This book is very informative and is aimed to educate elementary school children about bats.

There was a strong influence on the ways that humans can accidentally cause bats to die in this book and my 9 year old nephew was a little sensitive to these facts (although his 8 year old sister wasn’t), but, overall, it’s essential for kids to know how our inadvertent actions can affect these animals.

This book also touched on what to do if a bat flies into one’s house. This isn’t a common problem where I live, but it’s very good information to have stored just in case.

Overall, the kids enjoyed learning about what and how much bats eat, how bats find their way around, and the roles of bats in relation to humans. I found this book perfect for the kids’ age group and that the book gave enough information for me, as the reader, to answer any of the kid’s extra questions.


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