Insects by John Koloen

First Published: October 13th, 2015
My Star Rating: star_png1597star_png1597star_png1578star_png1578star_png1578

BLUF: I really enjoyed certain aspects of this book, but, as a whole, the book didn’t do much for me.

**I received this ebook free from in exchange for an honest review**

Let’s start with the good..

This is one of the first books I have read that tells the story through multiple perspectives. I don’t know if this classifies as the omniscient narrator or if it’s something entirely different, but it works for this book. I enjoyed knowing what all characters were feeling and thinking and it kept the book interesting to me.

Despite not being thrilled with the story or the characters, I didn’t think once about putting the book down.

Now with the bad..

I didn’t grow attached to any character in this book and, as a result, wasn’t invested in their actions or potential death.

I expected this book to scare me. It didn’t.

Lastly… [Spoiler: The professor and secondary character decide to go back into the forest again to collect the bodies and find specimens… Really? After everything? That’s just ridiculous.]


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